Thanks for taking action - the tanker ban passed into law!

At long last, a moratorium on crude oil tankers on our coast!

Reaching a long-held goal can feel surreal. That's how it felt on June 21, when we learned that the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act had received Royal Assent. At long last, we have a law protecting our fragile coastline from the threat of crude oil spills!

Efforts to protect our coast from oil tankers began almost 50 years ago in the early 1970s. Back then, the main threat was American oil tankers sailing from Alaskan oil ports to refineries in Washington State. Later, a proposal arose for an oil port in Kitimat. Most recently, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal galvanized northest British Columbians against risks of oil spills.

The new tanker moratorium would never have become reality without people like you -- people who value our coast, our salmon and our unique way of life. It shows that when concerned citizens stand up and make their voices heard, we can create real change.

There's much more to do to ensure a future for wild salmon and the communities that depend on them. But for now, please take a moment to celebrate this victory with us. It's a big one.

- Friends of Wild Salmon


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