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Sign the petition: The public needs to know the full risks of Telkwa Coal

Telkwa Coal Ltd. is trying to make their mine look friendlier than it is by picking and choosing what information they share with the public. So far the provincial government is only sharing the mine company's information.

For example, the Open House that the province hosted at the Telkwa Community Hall this summer only had information boards created by Telkwa Coal Ltd. and only experts hired by the company were present to answer the public's questions.

In reviewing the mine’s application for environmental approval, other experts including a mining engineer, geologist and wildlife biologist have flagged serious risks and identified gaps in the information that Telkwa Coal Ltd. has provided. Click here to read the expert reports.

Please join our friends with What Matters In Our Valley in calling upon the BC Environmental Assessment Office to hold a public meeting on the proposed Tenas (Telkwa) Coal mine before the 180 day environmental assessment process ends.

Sign the petition for a public meeting today.

Thanks for taking action to protect our waters and wild salmon.

-Friends of Wild Salmon