Tell Senators you Support the North Coast Tanker Ban!

The Senate Committee on Transport and Communications is reviewing Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act. Once the committee's work is complete, the bill will come back to the Senate for debate and voting.

Of course, the big oil lobby is pulling out the stops in an effort to convince the Senate to block or stall the bill.

We need your voice now more than ever to ensure the senators on the committee understand that Northwest residents want legislation that protects our coast from the risk of crude oil spills. Alongside coastal and interior First Nations, we've worked for years to get to this point and with your help we can ensure the bill becomes Canadian law.

Here's what you can do:

Write an email to the list of senators below and tell them that you support Bill C-48. You might want to mention the following:

  • The bill affects an area where crude oil tanker traffic does not currently exist.
  • Since the 1970s, communities and indigenous people have worked hard to keep crude oil tankers out of northern waters.
  • When Northwest residents stood up to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline, oil tanker traffic was a key concern.
  • The risks of an oil spill is unacceptable. Extreme weather conditions on the North Coast make cleanup all but impossible.
  • Our region's economy and way of life rely on a healthy ocean.
  • Indigenous peoples' culture and way of life depends heavily on the ocean and would be at risk in the case of an oil spill.
  • Coastal First Nations have already issued a ban on crude oil tanker traffic.

Here is a list of key senators to send your email to, or email all of them by sending an email to

Thank you.

- Friends of Wild Salmon