Coastal First Nations say Proposed Enbridge Pipeline Project Dead

The Coastal First Nations say the proposed Enbridge Pipeline project is dead in the water.

Art Sterritt, the executive director of the Coastal First Nations, said a little more than a year ago we met with Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline President John Carruthers and he told us that if the project isn’t supported by all communities it would not go ahead. “Today BC communities sent a clear and strong message to Enbridge that they don’t support the proposed Enbridge project. We fully expect that the project will be shut down.”

Sterritt added that he is grateful to the Union of BC Municipalities for its leadership and wisdom on this very important issue. “In particular we’d like to acknowledge the courage and leadership of the Queen Charlotte City council and its Mayor Carol Kulesha. We look forward to working with members of the UBCM to create a sustainable economy on BC’s coast.”

The fact that members of the Union of BC Municipalities resoundingly opposed both oil tanker traffic and the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline demonstrates the breadth of opposition to the project, Sterritt said. “This is not just a First Nations issue. The UBCM resolution supports the concerns First Nations and other groups have about the potential catastrophic damage a pipeline or oil tanker spill would cause.”

The proposed pipeline was to carry oil from Alberta to Kitimat. The plan was then to ship the oil on tankers through pristine BC waters.

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