Greenpeace protest against Enbridge pipeline ends with four arrests

Four Greenpeace activists have been charged after protesters occupied the downtown Vancouver office of Enbridge and demanded the company halt plans to build a pipeline from Alberta to B.C.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Stephanie Goodwin said about 30 officers arrested the four people at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

“There was a lot of police for only four non-violent peaceful folks who were engaging in civil disobedience,” she said.

Constable Jana McGuinness said the three women and one man were released within hours.

She said one of the women who complied with officers’ requests to unchain herself from the Enbridge doors was charged with mischief.

The other three protesters had to be cut out of their chains and face mischief and trespassing charges.

Greenpeace members entered the Enbridge premises Wednesday and set up a mock oil spill on the sidewalk outside the building.

The sidewalk demonstration remained in place Thursday morning and several activists were still locked inside a nearby cargo vehicle.

Greenpeace hopes the latest arrests and fake oil spill highlight its campaign to force Calgary-based Enbridge to withdraw plans for a pipeline that would carry oil sands crude to overseas markets.

Activists and First Nations say the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill involving BP should be a warning about what could happen on the shores of British Columbia if Enbridge goes ahead with the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

An oil rig leased and operated by BP exploded and caught fire on April 20, killing 11 workers. The well spewed for 85 days, killing wildlife and threatening the livelihoods of thousands of Gulf residents.

Enbridge is in the midst of cleaning up a pipeline leak in a Michigan river.

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