Oil slick

ENBRIDGE’S REFUSAL to accept a City of Terrace invitation to attend a public forum on its planned $5.5 billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline project proves the Alberta company hasn’t been following the biggest issue in B.C. lately.

And that’s the provincial government’s handling of its Harmonized Sales Tax and the resulting public outcry. If Enbridge had, it would know there’s trouble for any government or large corporation even giving a hint of ducking, fudging or dodging a public interest issue.

While there may be good reasons for introducing the HST, they are now forever lost because of the Liberal government’s approach. And that could now very well be the case with the Enbridge pipeline. No matter how superior the pipeline technology is or how detailed the environmental protection measures may be, Northern Gateway is now tainted.

Enbridge is worried that troublemakers will show up, but offers no evidence other than to say it has conducted a “standard assessment” as if this is some kind of national security matter. Hey, it’s a pipeline, not a visit by Barack Obama.

Worse is the tone used by Enbridge in its refusal letter. It gives the city a condescending tummy tickle by saying the “forum proposal demonstrates your civic government’s sincere interest in facilitating communications.” To an essentially Enbridge-friendly council, that has to be very embarrassing.

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