Sign the Declaration in Defence of Our Wild Salmon

Our wild salmon are a public treasure.

Wild Pacific salmon are elemental to who we are as First Nations and British Columbians. They have nourished the communities, economies, and cultures of this place for thousands of years. Salmon feed our wildlife and fertilize our forests, provide food security in an uncertain world, support thousands of jobs, bring us together around fishing and feasts, and teach us about the cycle of life and our connection to the natural world.

Our wild salmon face a challenging future, yet their stewardship is a sacred trust, and we will not let them slip away.

Fish farms are spreading pollution and disease. 

Our political leaders have allowed salmon farming companies to place millions of Atlantic salmon in open net-pens on the coastal migration routes of our wild Pacific salmon. The science is clear: these farms host parasites and viruses, amplify these harmful contagions and spread them to our wild fish, compounding the other threats our salmon face. Net-pens send plumes of waste, antibiotics, pathogens, and anti-lice neurotoxins into our coastal waters. These farms, their foreign salmon, and their contaminants have no place on our coast.

We stand for wild salmon. Will you stand with us?


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