The transportation of dangerous goods by rail is set to sky rocket

There are already 50-60 propane tank cars rolling through our towns and watershed every day and this number is set to sky rocket. If the additional three export facilities are approved and built, the Northern BC rail corridor will be carrying up to 230 pressurized LPG/propane tank cars and 180 tank cars filled with petroleum liquids per day. These trains will travel through the hearts of our communities and along the banks of our wild salmon rivers, posing real risks to human safety and salmon health. Read more...


Feds back pedal on salmon farms

Letter from Living Oceans:

I know, you’ve probably sent a dozen or more letters about salmon farming over time. But right now, the Fisheries Minister is about to make a decision that is critical to the future of wild salmon—and it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere good with that.


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